medical information cardsmedical services information rackcards

Role: Designer • Production Artist
Finished Specs: 4"x9"; 2-sided; printed offset, CMYK on110# cover with aqueous coating
Industry: Medical
Audience: Adult Patients

These rackcards belong to a campaign suite of 16 cards that also accompany corresponding posters. They inform patients of the health specialties ARC provides, at 21 convenient locations. The specialty-specific cards were initially 2-sided, trifold brochures with grayscale photos that do not reflect today's growing client base, both in diversity and lifestyles. The corporate rebranding initiative now brings life to the cards with bright attention-grabbing colors and imagery, along with specific information and clear, concise call-to-actions.

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tentfold brochure

tent-fold brochure + poster

Role: Lead Designer • Illustrator
Finished Specs: 6x6 tent fold; 2-sided; printed digitally in-house, CMYK on 60# vellum
Industry: Public Education • TX State Government
Young Students • Educators • Parents

This fun brochure engages school-aged children and parents in learning about Texas government. The outside covers the "TX House of Representatives"; the "Three Branches of Texas Government"; a brief summary about the Speaker of the House, the Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor; and highlights fun, interesting facts about Texas history. Unfolded, the inside reveals a keepsake poster, along with "Six Nations of Texas History" and "How a Bill Becomes a Law."

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newsletter templates1-color newsletter templates

Role: Lead Designer
Finished Specs: 8.33"x12.5" trifold; 2-sided; 2-color offset press; 80# stock of classic, linen, or crest
Industry: Public Education • TX State Government
Audience: TX Constituents

These pre-designed newsletter templates (25x12.5, double-sided, 6-panel) assist TX Representatives and their legislative staff stay within budget and organize their content-heavy reports for post legislative session, and during interim years. Each template follows specific criteria (e.g., word count, photo-to-written-content ratio, photo size, usage of terms, etc.) set by the House Administrative Office and includes tips on how to tailor their content.

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marketing booklet

4-color marketing booklet

Role: Designer
Finished Specs: 8"x10" saddlestitched booklet; 2-sided; cover printed offset, CMYK on 80# cover text with aqueous coating & "guts" printed offset, CMYK on 100# cover text
Industry: STEM e-Learning (Higher Education Division)
Audience: Professors of STEM

This magazine-quality, saddlestitched brochure provides succinct product information to busy professors, in 20 pages. It covers successful case studies of professors from various universities, product benefits, a comprehensive list of colleges & universities that have adopted the subscription-based software, and sample screenshots of STEM homework problems. QR codes are available on each specific product page for convenient mobile-access.

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newsletter templates

monthly newsletters

Role: Designer • Copywriter
Finished Specs: 8.5x11; 1-sided; digital print in-house, CMYK on 80# gloss text & PDF distribution
Industry: Special Education Publishing
Audience: Distributors

These printable 8.5x11 newsletters deliver pertinent information to distributors and partnering publishers with a broad range of technical capabilities and knowledge. Multiple content-rich documents and spreadsheets were compiled into one comprehensive PDF, which were then disseminated monthly via email; the delivery method was cost-effective and efficient for all partners. They are structured by at-a-glance sections: price and/or ISBN changes, new/updated products, products no longer available, upcoming conferences, changes to the website, etc.

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direct-mail postcards

Role: Designer • Illustrator
Finished Specs: 5x7; 2-sided; printed offset
Industry: STEM e-Learning (Higher Education Division)
Audience: Professors of STEM

These 5x7 direct-mail postcards are effective and budget-friendly for targeting new business or nurturing existing relationships. The sales team make great use of these by jotting little notes on the back, leaving them at a client's on-campus office, passing them out at conferences, or mailing them to clients to add a personal touch.

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spa services menutrifold spa menu

Role: Freelance Designer • Logo Designer
Finished Specs: 5.5x5.5 trifold; 2-sided; digital print, CMYK on 80# gloss text
Industry: Spa • Beauty
Audience: Spa Clients

The Spa Director envisioned a brand image that communicates the essence of natural, calm beauty. I paired soft, natural elements and earth tones with words such as "deVote," "eVolve," and "eVoke." Those words not only integrate the spa's name, but also elicit an emotional connection we have with our surroundings.

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